Happy Holidays to CPI blog readers wherever you are in the world. The CPI blog will be on break during the winter vacation, resuming regular service from the second week of January. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog since I took on the Editorship in February. Thanks to the (un-remunerated) efforts of scholars and other professionals, the CPI blog has evolved into a regular source of top quality commentary and analysis on diverse issues pertaining to China and its neighbours. Since February we have published special issues on China-Japan relations, the Lianghui meetings, Ma Ying-jeou’s administration, the environment, North Korea and the Malaysian general election, China-India and China-Middle East relations, the PLA, the media and internet and the 3rd plenum, in addition to stand-alone pieces reflecting on contemporary events. From resumption of normal service in January, there will be special issues on China and the EU, identity issues in Hong Kong and Macao, China-Turkey relations, China’s role in developments in Burma, ASEAN-China relations in the context of the South China Sea disputes, and China’s emerging space program and interests in the Arctic. As ever, I will aim to assemble a strong cast of specialists to provide their insights on these issues.

As a small acknowledgment, I would like to say a simple thank you to the following contributors: The blog could not survive let alone thrive without their efforts and it has been a pleasure to work with all of them as editor. Thank you. (Listed in reverse chronological order):

Huang Wei (King’s College London); Isaac Medina (Peking University); J. Michael Cole (Jane’s Defence Weekly); Corey Wallace (Auckland University); Daniel Garrett (City University of Hong Kong); Yukyung Yeo (Kyung Hee University, South Korea); Alfred M. Wu (Hong Kong Institute of Education); Samantha Hoffman and Peter Mattis (CPI and Cambridge University); Yu-Ping Chang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan); Jason Q. Ng (University of Toronto); Min Jiang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Oscar Almén (Uppsala University, Sweden); Andrew Hall Wedeman (Georgia State University); Wilfred Yang Wang (Queensland University of Technology); David S. G. Goodman (University of Sydney); Jessica Chen Weiss (Yale University), Kerry Brown (University of Sydney); Maria Repnikova (Georgetown University); Florian Schneider (Leiden University); Wen-Ti Sung (Australia National University); David Tobin (University of Glasgow); Linda Yueh (BBC and Oxford University); Jonathan Benney (University of Oklahoma); Julie Yu-Wen Chen (University College Cork); Jackie Sheehan (University College Cork); Chris Wang (Taipei Times); Chien-min Chao (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan); Ingrid d’Hooghe (The Netherlands Institute of International Relations); Gary Rawnsley (Aberystwyth University); Misato Matsuoka & Michal Thim (Warwick University and CPI); Russell L.C. Hsiao (Project 2049); Ketty W. Chen (National Taiwan University); Ming-sung Kuo (Warwick University); Sasa Istenic (Ljubljana University); Yu-Shan Wu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan); Paul R. Katz (Academia Sinica, Taiwan); Shih-yueh Yang (Nanhua University, Taiwan); Jingdong Yuan (University of Sydney); Sophie Roborgh; You Ji (University of New South Wales); Majid Rafizadeh (Harvard University); P R Kumaraswamy (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India); Don Keyser (retired US State Dept); Kendrick Kuo (Johns Hopkins University); Ming-sho Ho (National Taiwan University); Craig Scanlan (New Pacific Institute); Selcuk Colakoglu (National Defense University, Washington, D.C.); Dennis J. Blasko (retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army); Harry J. Kazianis (The National Interest); Naser AL-Tamimi;  Michael Turton (The View From Taiwan); Isabelle Cheng (Portsmouth University); Dingping Guo (Fudan University and CPI); Peter Harmsen (Agence France Presse); Marco Fumian (University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy); Michael N T Tan (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics); June Teufel Dreyer (University of Miami); Bettina Renz (University of Nottingham); Roselyn Hsueh (Temple University); L. H. M. Ling (New School); Anil Kumar (New Delhi University); Ian Taylor (St Andrews University); Harsh V. Pant (King’s College London); Oliver Hensengerth (Northumbria University); Gyubin Choi (University of Leeds); Yitzhak Schichor (Hebrew University); William Case (City University of Hong Kong); Chou Ya-Wei (National Taiwan University); Derek da Cunha; Thomas Pepinsky (Cornell University); Joseph Chinyong Liow (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Jens Damm (Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan); Hyun Bang Shin (London School of Economics); Robert E. Kelly (Pusan National University, South Korea); Sam Geall (Oxford University); Yan Bo (Fudan University); Adam Moser (Vermont Law School); Richard Abrahams (Hong Kong University); Kathleen Buckingham (Oxford University); Peng Lin and Wu Fengshi (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Judith Shapiro (American University); Dafydd Fell (School of Oriental and African Studies); Ming-yeh Rawnsley (Westminster University); Yu-Jie Chen (New York University Law School);  Chong-Pin Lin (National Defense University, Taiwan); Willy Lam (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Lauren Johnston; Jun Zhang (Fudan University); Lowell Dittmer (University of California, Berkeley); Rana Mitter (Oxford University); Allen Carlson (Cornell University); Xufeng Zhu (Tsinghua University); Shaun Breslin (Warwick University); Andrew Chubb (University of Western Australia); Bruce Jacobs (Monash University); Daniela Stockmann (Leiden University).

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