Compiled by Michal Thim and Jonathan Sullivan.

The past couple of years I have made a list of China scholars active on Twitter–the China Scholars Twitterati. With Taiwan’s elections fast approaching, we have compiled a list of Taiwan-focused scholars, journalists and analysts. These are the people to follow for succinct, timely commentary and resource sharing in the run up to the elections. Twitter user @entinomy has also made a public Twitter list available here.

Gwen Wang 
Brian Hioe 
New Bloom Magazine 
Jeremy Page 裴杰 
Ankit Panda 
Austin Ramzy 
Ian Rowen 
DPP U.S. Mission 
Lauren Dickey 
Bonnie Glaser 
Stéphane Corcuff 
Wen-Ti Sung 
Michael Turton 
Ketagalan Media 
Eric Hundman (何諳銳) 
Tim Culpan 
Shannon Tiezzi 
Gary Rawnsley (何諳銳) 
Timothy S. Rich 芮宗泰 
Ketty W. Chen 
J Michael Cole (寇謐將) 
David on Formosa 
Julia Famularo 
Jonathan Sullivan 
Michal Thim (廷米賀) 
Pierre-Yves Baubry 
William Nee 
Taiwan News 
Eva Dou 
Eddie Du 
Arna van Goch 花瑜芯 
Taiwan Explorer 
Focus Taiwan 
WSJ China Real Time 
Ben Goren 
Taiwan Law Blog 
Catie Lilly 
Klaus Bardenhagen 
Victoria Jen 
Keith Menconi 
Kharis Templeman 

Michal Thim is a grad student in the School of contemporary Chinese Studies. Jonathan Sullivan edits the CPI blog. 

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