Written by Martin Thorley

The Chinese startup scene appears to be booming with a slew of globally recognised tech companies and already another generation of smaller groups pushing through to make a big impression at home and abroad. Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai are all known to host bustling startup eco-systems with Beijing recently adjudged to be the second best startup city in the world. This cycle of CPI: Analysis will consider the startup scene in more detail, looking at venture capital, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We begin with a piece by Mark Humphrey-Jenner and Jo-Ann Suchard that examines the role of foreign VC in China’s industrial transformation. Following on from this, Douglas Fuller examines tension surrounding the future of foreign VC, asking what comes next. Georges Haour looks at innovation in China, asking what metrics we use to measure innovation and how China shapes up. Richard Li-Hua discusses his theory of China’s innovation model and how it fits into the country’s longer term development. Finally, Shlomo Freund draws on his personal experience to report from on the ground amidst the startup scene of Beijing.

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Martin Thorley is a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham and an editorial assistant for the CPI: Analysis blog.

Image Credit: CC by J Aaron Farr/Flickr.