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Andreas Fulda

The research project “Monitoring the implementation of China’s Overseas NGO Law” is funded by the Ford Foundation and implemented by the University of Nottingham between 1 October 2017 and 31 December 2018.

Research for this project is carried out by PI Dr Andreas Fulda (School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham) and his team members Ms Nicola Macbean (The Rights Practice), Dr Patrick Schroeder (Institute of Development Studies) and Dr Horst Fabian (independent researcher and EU-China Civil Society Ambassador).

The two overarching goals of the research project are to

(1) monitor and evaluate the state of implementation of China’s Overseas NGOs Law by documenting the intended and unintended consequences of the new law for European NPOs and their Chinese partners

(2) reconceptualise people-to-people exchanges in EU-China relations by identifying and documenting new and innovative approaches to critical, creative and constructive European China engagement.

This week the first tentative findings from the research project will be published by Asia Dialogue, the University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute’s online magazine.

Dr Fabian, Ms Macbean and Dr Schroeder reflect on key takeaways from their field research in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and France in Video Policy Brief No 6-8. In Video Policy Brief No 9 Dr Fulda critiques the highly compartmentalised EU-China dialogue architecture and calls for the mainstreaming of civil society inclusion across all three pillars of the political, economic and sectoral as well as the people-to-people dialogue.

In a two-part policy paper Dr Fulda, Dr Fabian and Dr Schroeder make the case for asynchronous reciprocity in EU-China relations.

In the coming months the project team will continue to publish results from the research project on Asia Dialogue.

For more information about this monitoring and evaluation project please contact Dr Andreas Fulda who also tweets @AMFChina

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